COP sharing, Social Entrepreneurship and Makers Movement

For some reason I thought I should use my blog more often. I mean, I started off the blog because I wanted to get off Facebook, but as the past months have shown, I have been using Facebook much more, albeit with less personal stuff and more informative stuff. I have been using Google Plus to share events. And WordPress.. oh it’s becoming a diary of recorded events- of events I think I have time to write about.

At the last checkpoint, I was sharing about the EWSRTT. I’m supposed to be doing Quiz 2 today and attend Class 3 tomorrow. I need to study-study Class 2. (Update 1st April- I got three questions wrong and it’s because I don’t know how to interpret the picture and diagram. Not even theory and calculations. What.)

Anyhow, three highlights..

Participants of Sustainability Mentorship Programme 2015. Photo credit: Eugene Tay


On Saturday 28th March– I missed the Beyond 2015 Youth Conference and went to Eugene’s Sustainability Mentorship Programme 2015 as a guest speaker to share on 350 Singapore’s experience at COP 20. Long story short;

  • I got to know about it two days earlier
  • I was nervous because it was the first individual sharing
  • As a team, we had a group sharing on 27th Feb, and there’s an upcoming one on 30th Apr
  • I thought my sharing was rather brief- especially on the COP part, but Eugene pointed out it may be technical for the younger ones
  • Which led me to compare how intensive Mel’s sharings are- and she has been going to COP since 2009.
  • When I saw Eugene and Ria, I am reminded of the people who have been in the environment scene for decades. It’s one thing to be committed. It’s another to be passionate about it.
  • Also. You can find what I shared here in PDF form Lastrina_For28Mar2015.
One of the trainers, Farheen

Farheen and some notes from Workshop 1.

On Sunday and Monday, 29 and 30th March, I went for the Beyond 2015 Youth Development Workshop. With Yee Hui, whom I met for AYPVC in Myanmar in February. I mean, I thought “Hey ‘Youth Development’ is related to what we just did so why not go for this one.” The events page had too much info and we both signed for Workshop 2 for “For Project participants to Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia.” But long story short, on Sunday itself we went for Workshop 1 “For Project participants to Sarawak (East Malaysia)”. Like.. we were looking at the locations and not the programme structure and boy was it unexpected. Like thankfully we went for Workshop 1.

  • The conference and the workshop schedule is just packed.
  • The trainers for Workshop 1 were Mr Ernie Turner and Mr Gurbakish Singh from Leadership in Motion as well as Ms Farheen Mukri from Humanity Assist. They have so much experience and knowledge between them. And I enjoyed that two days more than I enjoyed my semester taking Leadership for Change while in school.
  • I learnt so much about the Penan community from the Kelab Belia Belaga Sarawak. Reading up on the community online made me go back to the basic question I have always asked myself- what is development and what is life for each of us.
  • I thought it was just a workshop and that’s it. There’s just too much info on the events page and we missed it. Along the way I learnt there is a Phase 2- two days training in Kuching, Sarawak, and immediately followed by Phase 2- a two weeks project delivery period in Belaga, Sarawak in June. I’m supposed to be finding a full time job, but if this is something I believe I need to do, I will have to ask for time off.
  • As a comparison there’s the ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme (AYVP) happening in three weeks in August in Cambodia.. but from my experience now that I have participated in a similar programme AYPVC in Myamar… I think personally think filling up forms and meeting project mates physically for the 1st time at the actual project site is something I don’t really like. And therefore, again I am thankful to have participated in Workshop 1 and know the trainers, the programme, the project mates and talk about the sustainability of the project at the very start.. Just the human element to how you engage volunteers is a bit more attractive.
  • We also had a guest speaker, Deb Dutta. He was sharing with us some leadership rules, gave a copy of “Success is an Exaggeration” and shared about The Vision Mission. I heard it first hand- really encourage you to explore the links. FYI Deb is donation all proceeds from the sale of the book to TVM.
  • We were shown a video- Ms Henrietta from Lagos Business School in Nigeria, on how she challenged her students to create large impacts with little resources. That video showed interviews with her students. I found one online on her talking about some of them. View the video here. One of the great stories is that one of her students, given a start up money of $30, added her money another $30.. bought some resources worth $120.. and within 11 weeks had $10 000 worth of sales. It’s mind blowing. You have to watch the video to find out their stories and sales/ marketing strategy.
Visited Veera at The Prototyping Lab for the first time. This is the woodworking area.

The Prototyping Lab at the National Design Centre

And then on Monday 30th April, night.. I went over to the Prototyping Lab at the National Design Centre. There were spaces for woodworking, laser cutting, 3D printing, electronics, chilling out.. an uber cool place for engineers, designers and innovators I think.

So, Eugene, Jie Hui and I were there to meet Veera for something.. which I can share at a later date I guess.

I just wanted to share on the group behind the space.. the OneMaker Group.

OneMaker Group is a consortium of 6 companies, coming together to spearhead and accelerate the innovation and entrepreneurship scene in Singapore – Sustainable Living Lab (SL2), Simplifi3D, Eian Williams Consulting, Home-Fix, Focustech Ventures and also SmartSpace.

So.. technically, there is a ground-up movement and now, more structured Makers community and spaces in Singapore. It feels so.. exciting. Non-businessey-Non-IT-MORE-handson-MORE-creativity-ThatIsLedBySingaporens-AndInvolvesSoManyPeople. Which I think is a great great sign for better things to come.


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