Briefly looked through what I have January to March this year..

+ I had 9+2 days of paid employment in January.
+ I was away for 13 days in February.
+ I had 9+2 days of paid employment in March.
(I met David, together with Efy and Bull last week, and they asked how I survive financially.. It’s possible for now).
+ Looked back at my volunteering workload with 350 Singapore and I don’t know. I feel like I am not volunteering enough. I feel like I am not satisfied. Like more can be done, in a proper way.
+ Along the way LJ roped me in to volunteer with Engineers Without Borders Asia. It’s only a year old, but I feel they’re so structured.
+ I was supposed to start volunteering with People’s Movement to Stop Haze but I haven’t gotten back to Yihan.
+ I went back to Ground-Up Initiative for the Chinese New Year celebration.. but other than that I haven’t gone back for volunteering. The last time I actively went back was last October I think.  I met Lai Hock in January and again in February and in both instances he called me “the lost sheep”. I am still asking myself why I couldn’t bring myself to join them full time when exams finished in December 2013, when I was done with convo in Aug 2014. Now in 2015 he says something in the lines of “You know, you’re the pioneering batch/ You’re always welcomed here/ You don’t have to join us, but find something to ground you/ When will we see you again?” And I always don’t know how to reply him.
+ I am not treating my friends well. From the missed meetings. The ignored phone calls and texts. It’s not just one friend, it’s a number. Oh wait. Not just friends, but stat boards people too.
+ I feel like March sucked a lot cos I was at the receiving end of lots of miscomm be it at work or with the non-work stuff.
+ But I am still generally happy in life. I left so many Whatsapp group chats today.
+ Hannah was sharing about this Emergency Water and Sanitation Response Team Training 2015 and I joined with her. I missed the 1st class last week. Did my own self study and cleared the 1st quiz. Just went for 2nd class today and it was shocking lol. The Jar test and Bucket test calculations reminded me of Chemistry. And I failed O level Chemistry.

+ Calendar for April and May looks empty. Except for 1 or 2 events.

+ I should be in Melaka 21st-23rd May. I am so tempted to just go off after that.

+ Do you know that if someone views your LinkedIn or About Me page, you are notified about it? I just checked who checked me out and I feel like deleting some of my online profiles now.

+ I want a proper camera.


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