Packing for two weeks in Myanmar


I just received my flight info this morning.. The last few hours I was just printing out what I should and grabbing what I can. Do the standard buy a Classic Plan Travel Insurance under NTUC Income and then eRegistering with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now I need to be at the airport in about 24 hours time.

Here’s what I packed for this Myanmar trip. For now. I feel like I should be taking advantage of the 7kg carry on and 30kg checked in allowance.. But then I’ve always travelled light. And I’m having second thoughts about maximising the space considering I will be moving around.

Anyways, here’s what I packed this time round. Definitely lesser than what I packed for a month in Peru.

All in Black sling bag. Regular size. With name tag
(1) Clear white folder
   (xx) Some name cards
   (1) Passport
   (1) Yellow fever card
   (3) Visa size photo
   (2) Passport size photo   
   (2) Photocopy of passport
   (2) Photocopy of identity card     
   (1) Photocopy of yellow fever card
   (2) Printout of Invitation Letter
   (2) Printout of Flight Itinerary
   (1) Printout of Travel Insurance
   (6) Printout of Visa on Arrival for Business Visa
   (1) Printout of Programme Kit
   (1) Printout of Participants List
(1) Red batik wallet with US dollars
(1) Green coin pouch with SG dollars, EZ link and IC
(1) Notebook
(1) Storybook
(1) Some pens kept in blue pouch
(1) Eco pencils
(1) Umbrella
(1) Clear poncho
(1) Sunglasses
(1) Eye pad
(1) Fan
(1) Wet wipes
(1) Tissue
(1) Dettol instant hand sanitiser
(1) Johnson insect repellant spray
(4) Eye drops
(1) Umbrella
(1) Clear plastic poncho
(1) Eye pad
(xx) Some pens
(4) eye drops

All in Green string bag
(5) Mini white boards
(1) Magnetic whiteboard erase
(1) Maracas
*I’m pretty sure I had white board markers I bought for Peru last December. I can’t find them. I need to buy new ones.. *

All in Pink mesh bag
(1) Blue Valore 10000maph portable mobile charger with blue USB attached
(1) Black Xiaomi mobile charger heard with black USB attached
(1) Black Korjo world travel adapter
(1) White multi plug charger, suitable for two pin plug
(1) Yellow torchlight. 3 modes. Charge using electric point.
(1) Black torchlight. Charge using batteries. 2 batteries in. 2 batteries extra.

All in Green plastic bag.
(1) Pink plate
(1) Pink cup
(1) White food spoon
(1) White tea spoon
(1) Orange Bottle

A Red 50 litres bag with name tag. Comes with Pink rain cover.
(1) Green poncho
(6) Clothes hangers
(3) Clothes peg
(1) Blue laundry bag
(1) Pink belt for bag.

All in Pink mesh bag.
(4) Sarong pants. Purple and black. Brown and Green.
(2) FBT track pants. Blue and black.
(6) Plain t-shirts. Light Green. Dark green. Grey. Orange. Purple. Black
(1) Black jacket
(1) Traditional costume
*I didn’t bother packing shorts*

All in Pink mesh bag
(xx) Underwears
(xx) Bras
(2) Small towels. Brand and orange.
*I didn’t bother packing disposable underwears or sanitary pads*

All in pink mesh bag.
(5) Packs baby wipes
(1) Tissue
All in translucent blue bag
   (2) 60ml mini shampoo. Rainforest shine and Rainforest radiance.
   (2) 60ml mini shower gel. Japanese cherry blossom and Atlas shower rose.
   (1) 60ml mini deep facial cleansing wash. Seaweed.
   (1) 60ml mini clarifying toner. Seaweed.
All in blue bag.
   (1) Aid helper plaster size 2.
   (1) Packs Betadine antiseptic plaster. 10 strips each.
   (1) Dettol antiseptic cream. 30gm.
   (1) Calendula balm. 50g.
   (1) Banana Boat. SPF 50 Sun screen lotion. 90ml
   (1) Sofell mosquito repellant spray. 30ml.
   (1) 25ml Collate toothpaste
   (1) Pearlie white mini tooth brush
   (1) Lip balm. 10ml.
   (1) Orange comb
   (1) Pink shaver

All in Pink shoe bag
(1) Black slippers
(3) White socks

Section 1 and 3 is in the Black sling bag while the rest are all in the Red bag. It’s definitely lighter- I didn’t have to extend my Red bag to accommodate items too.

I’ll be wearing my blue shoes tomorrow 😀


While reading up on visas in Myanmar, I found out that Tourist Visas have to be done way beforehand at the Myanmar Embassy in our home country. There’s no such thing as Tourist Visa on arrival.

*Actually while reading up on Visas, I was surprised to find as a Singaporean, I need one to enter to a neighbouring country. I’ve taken for granted a Singapore passport allows us to enter to more than 170 countries without visa and the general impression I get for those that I need visa, they are some fat flung countries.. Not one just next door.*

In general, with regards to Business Visas (I didn’t read up much on Social Visit Visas), it seems that doing it at the home embassy may take up to one day.. But if you do it directly in Myanmar upon arrival, in may take less than 10 mins if you have all the supporting documents. I’m hoping my process will be a smooth one.

Till then. I’ll try to update again tomorrow and let you know if I have successfully entered Myanmar.


5 thoughts on “Packing for two weeks in Myanmar

    • Hello! I just realised there’s a typo on my post.. Wrote “fat flung” instead. Thanks for consciously/ unconsciously pointing it out!

      Will be updating when I can 🙂

      In the meantime, have great February yourself!


    • Just to quickly update you, me and 2 other Singaporeans who were going to Myanmar weren’t allowed entry at the very first point.. The Singapore check in counter, as we didn’t have Visa and proper invitation letter. And here I thought we would face problems in Myanmar.

      My friends are I are 1) Checking in with Brunei coordinators/ organisers who are in Myanmar. 2) Trying to make an online appointment at Myanmar Embassy in Singapore But the website doesn’t load 3) Trying to contact Myanmar Embassy in Singapore. But the office is closed on Sunday. 4) In my earlier email to Myanmar Embassy in Singapore, they said Business Visa. At the Singapore check in counter they said Tourist Visa. 5) Brunei coordinator said our visa was done earlier and Myanmar Embassy should have called us. But they didn’t.

      At this point I don’t know what else to think. It’s near 9am now and I’m out of the airport eating breakfast.


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