Weight and Running Shoes

On 3 February 2015 while waiting for mother, I used the hospital weighing machine. I saw the numbers 64.8kg. According to a physical fitness test report dated 19 April 2005, my weight was 52kg.

10 years = 12.8kg increase in weight is a lottttt… One of my friends commented it’s OK since I was transforming from a teenage girl (16 years old) to an adult now (26 years old). *Speaking of age, last week, a 17 year old girl thought I was her age, and today, the aunty who sells underwear at the local market thought I was 14. I guess it’s the way I dress and behave when I’m not doing “official/ serious” stuff. It’s a good thing yes?*

Weight wise, I hope to be around 60kg to be honest. Not that the weight itself bothers me.. I think what’s happening inside bothers me more. I eat a lot of nonsense stuff. I’ll probably go for a full medical checkup end of the year.

Anyway, it’ll be the second year I’m helping out with Run 350. I didn’t do much last year. This time round, there’s definitely a bit more things to do. And I thought to myself.. “Hey. I’m involved in a health and fitness event. I should take this opportunity to be healthy and fit myself.” End of last year before going Peru, there was a period of time I went to the Southern Ridges daily and walked the whole stretch. When I was in Peru in December, I tried to walk or jog when I can. When I got back, I didn’t do much activities in January. And now in February, I decided do a bit more jogging in preparation for Run 350 which is happening on 5th April. Not that I will be running. But I want to at least look good and feel good.

Tried my luck to use my Brooks running shoes voucher which I got around March last year. It had no expiry date. Had a list of outlets I can go to.. So I went to the one at IMM. And then the staff said I could not use it there. She said something which I can’t remember now. Anyway I bought a new pair to replace the one I have been using for a few years now.


Say Bye-bye to the green Asics Women’s Gel Radience T1F5N. It was their 2012 collection. I bought it then while I was still in school.

And say Hello to the blue Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS13. This was also released in 2012 apparently. There’s a GTS15 now. I got mine at reduced price of course.

*Was looking at the tags and then I realised the Asics is made in Vietnam and Brooks is made in China. Reminds me of the food products I saw last month.. US brand, but a food produce of places like Turkey and Peru. Talk about globalisation and branding* *Also reminded of the times during secondary school (2002-2005) when I was in X-Country team. We used to buy shoes, shorts, singlets and sports bra in bulk every year. In the first two years I remember using New Balance shoes. Later on we changed to Asics. I found Asics to be more comfortable and have been using that brand since then. This is my first time using Brooks.*

I should be bringing out the Brooks shoes this weekend. This pair of GTS13 will be a privileged one.


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