World Cancer Day 2015


I didn’t realise it’s World Cancer Day on 4th February. Saw a post on FB about it. Googled and found the official global press release. Check out the link above. There’s mention of increased funding into cancer services worldwide and some suggestions on prevention methods.


In Singapore, according to the National University Hospital’s calendar of events there is a World Cancer Day Public Symposium happening on Saturday.

Event: World Cancer Day Public Symposium 2015 – What has Cancer got to do with Food?
Date: 7 February 2015
Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm
Details: The one-day symposium will address issues on food chemistry – you are what you eat, how cancer patients can eat healthily during and after cancer treatment as well as tips on managing side effects of cancer treatment that limits the patient’s diet.
Venue: NUHS Tower Block, Level 1, Auditorium, 1E Kent Ridge Road, S(119228)
Fees: $5 per pax per symposium


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