Click on the above link and check out the screenshot posted on a Sunday by a certain “Sharon”.

Last Wednesday I put up the Facebook status:

I think the admin didn’t get the joke by putting “This lad knows.”
Do you? Haha!

Since then.. No one replied.

I think I’m the only person on the same wavelength as the original poster lol.

Lemme give you some clues..
1) New York Public Library
2) Blizzard
3) *the third clue is just so glaring I can’t repeat it*

Do you get the joke?

Or why she phrased it that way?

A full jar of cookies for you if you didn’t have to think hard about it!


In other news, yesterday, I accompanied mum for her blood test. Her CEA test had a reading of 177. A healthy range for a non-smoker is supposedly less than 3. Not that I was surprised. But I didn’t expect it to be that high either.

I think it was around Hari Raya period in 2013 that we found out she had colon cancer. Then, she went through the intravenous drip treatment (I think that’s what they call it). That treatment ended in March 2014. Along the way it spread to the liver. Back then the doctor gave mum a few months to live. If she didn’t continue treatment, she would have till February 2015, the best. I’m not sure what was said exactly. But anyhow, my mum is still here. She recently agreed to continue treatment. However, this time round she has to have this catheter thing in her chest…Today’s session was just so long.. We went in at 2.40 for the flush but the black bags only came in at 5pm -_-

We don’t really talk about it. Not to each other anyway. I mean I’m pretty sure she talks to my dad to about. She’s using his Medisave to pay for her sessions too. But between parents and children, we don’t really talk about it. We’re all aware of her condition. We acknowledge we can always know more about the different types of cancer and chemo treatments available. We make time to accompany her or help put with the housework. But it’s something we don’t talk about explicitly.

I’m reminded of this article I saw on Facebook once.. I can’t remember who wrote it or what the purpose was.. But what I recall from it was that the writer felt that among the different ways to die, dying from cancer is perhaps the best thing one can experience. You somehow know when your definite end of life would happen. And it gives time for your loved ones to prepare for it. Everyone becomes conscious of how you want to spend your time together.


And because I’m so stubborn, I’ll let you in one more clue just so you get onto the same wavelength as me and the screenshot gal;

Jack Hall: Professor, It’s time you got out of there.
Terry Rapson: I’m afraid that time has come and gone, my friend.
Jack Hall: [Pause] What can we do?
Terry Rapson: Save as many as you can.


Yup. Save as many as you can.


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