Jimmy Kimmel Asks Anti-GMO People What A “GMO” Is | IFLScience


I watched this short clip on why people are “anti-GMO” and I was reminded of what I have been observing the last 9 days promoting organic and/ or natural foods. *On a side note, I’m not an anti-GMO person. But neither will I strongly support it*

To be fair, in general, what is offered at the pop up store is mostly food items that I would consider healthier options compared to other food products in the market. The selling price is also reasonably low if one compares it to the usual price offered at the permanent market space or by the other larger supermarkets.

What I found entertaining was how some customers would spend time scrutinising the packaging and ingredients list for things like carbohydrate count and sugar count. I mean.. Come on. If you wanna keep fit and healthy, it’s not only about that one food item, it’s about your diet, exercise and lifestyle. You don’t have to be so picky about it no? Just my thoughts.

More importantly, I found it worrying that these customers were more concerned about carb and sugar counts and not things like the use of palm oil and hydrogenated fats which are still found in some of these organic and/or natural food products. Perhaps it is because they have different concerns. Perhaps it is because they are ignorant about the issues of palm oil and hydrogenated fats. If I recall correctly, only two customers, and both were males, who mentioned this to me. And I can only smile at them.. For two reasons. First, I was impressed they knew about these things. And second, as a promoter for the product, all I can think about it “Yes, that is true. And it is also true, regardless of that, this is still the healthier option out there.”

Like the Jimmy Kimmel anti-GMO people video, I believe the people I observed at the pop up store the last few days are just a small sample of how majority of consumers out there behave. I myself included. We may read up and talk about being eco consumers, but we are still far from being truly conscious consumers.


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