Packing for a month in Peru


I should be at the airport in about 30 hours time. Checking in for a 26 Nov 12.30am flight. Packing items to last me till 26 Dec. In between, 3 days youth camp, 12 days conference, 11 days walking around.

I’m taking it one step at time. Haven’t printed out flight, insurance, documents. Stuff. I’ll do that tomorrow morning.

And I’ll think about what to do each day I’m there the day before. I mean. Of course I’ve plans. But nothing is specific.

In life we can never be too certain. About things. About people. Not even ourselves.

In any case.. This is how I packed this time round:

(1) Pink backpack. Regular size. With name tag
(2) Clear plastic poncho

(1) Black wallet with passport, yellow fever card, and usual items
(1) Brown pouch with name cards

(1) Grey Samsung laptop
(1) Black Samsung laptop charger
(1) Orange Valore mouse

All in pink mesh bag
(1) Blue Valore 10000maph portable mobile charger with blue USB attached
(1) White Samsung mobile charger head with black USB attached
(1) Black Xiaomi mobile charger heard with black USB attached
(1) Black Korjo world travel adapter
(1) White multi plug charger, suitable for two pin plug
(1) Yellow torchlight. 3 modes
(1) Brown Thumb drive, attached to a string and looks like a necklace

All in green plastic bag.
(1) Pink plate
(1) Pink cup
(1) White food spoon
(1) White tea spoon
(1) Orange Bottle

All in green string bag
Items here are souvenirs from National Day Parade. I intend to give to people I meet.
*(2) Scarves Singapore. (I removed them after I could not pack it in anymore)
(2) Singapore flag with base
(2) Pop up fans
(2) Whistle
(2) Packs badges
(2) Packs temporary tattoos
(2) Stick lights

All in green string bag
(1) Clear green folder
(1) Green board
(2) Mini white boards
(2) Magnetic erasers
(5) Whiteboard markers
(1) Whiteboard cleaner solution
(7) Pens

A red 50 litres bag with name tag and teddy attached. Comes with pink rain cover. Be default, I usually just insert items in section 8 in the different pockets of the bag first before putting in other things.
(1) Clear poncho
(1) Umbrella
(1) Clear foldable water bottle
(1) Pink whistle
(1) Hand sanitiser
(5) Clothes hangers
(5) Clothes peg
(1) Blue laundry bag
(1) Pink belt for bag.

All in pink mesh bag.
(1) Sleeveless long black dress
(1) Strapless long black dress
(1) Long grey dress
(1) Blue printed top
(1) Cream top with attached necklace
(2) Tights. Black and Blue.
(1) Long multi coloured beach dress
(1) Short purple printed dress
(1) Short black multi splash short dress
(1) Black Cardigan
(1) Black shawl with rose prints
*Not in yet (White windbreaker and Black formal jacket)

All in pink mesh bag.
(2) Sarong pants. Purple and black.
(2) FBT track pants. Blue and black.
(2) Adidas shorts. Blue and black.
(5) Plain t-shirts. Light Green. Dark green. Grey. Orange. Purple.
(1) White shirt with YNTUC and 350 logo.

All in pink mesh bag.
(2) Small towels. Brown and orange.
(2) Pairs socks
(2) Packs baby wipes
(3) Packs of 7 pieces disposable underwear
(2) Sanitary pads
All in blue bag
(1) 60ml mini shampoo. Rainforest shine.
(1) 60ml mini shower gel. Japanese cherry blossom.
(1) 60ml mini deep facial cleansing wash. Seaweed.
(1) 60ml mini clarifying toner. Seaweed.
(1) Mini toothbrush and 25g toothpaste. Pearlie white.
(1) 25 Mini hair removal cream and scraper. Veet.
All in blue bag.
(2) Packs Betadine antiseptic plaster. 10 strips each.
(1) Dettol antiseptic cream. 30gm.
(1) Calendula balm. 50g.
(1) Banana Boat. SPF 50 Sun screen lotion. 90ml
(1) Dettol hand sanitiser. 50ml
(1) Johnson insect repellant spray. 1oz.
(1) Sofell mosquito repellant spray. 30ml.
(1) All in one instablur. 25ml.
(1) All in one face Base. 9gm.
(1) Lip balm. 10ml.

*12. Not packed yet.
Pink shoe bag.
(1) Flats for conference wear
(1) Asics sports shoes for walking around.

I managed to pack everything into the regular pink backpack (Section 1 to 7) and the 50L red bag (Section 8 to 11 +12 tomorrow).

Tomorrow I’ll be in shirt, jeans and slippers. And carrying two pink bags.. I should pack another bag in there somewhere.


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