Of Pickled Onions and Public Index


One the the four main delicacies Chef Derrick taught us today. The base is a regular cracker. Topped with butternut squash and pickled onion. Decorated with purple watercress

I went back to the Kampung today.. the last time I was there was 26th July.

I don’t know what’s been happening with me the last three months.

Anyway, I realise that initially when I started posting, I would take pictures, upload them on Flickr, and then blog about it here. Along the way, I just stopped blogging regularly. So I pick out certain pictures to post.. but if you’re interested to see other pictures, which I think I do post regularly on Flickr, then you can visit the photostream here.

Today is a milestone for this blog, I decided to “Allow search engines to index this site”.

The past 7 months, I have been experimenting what kind of content I want to post on this blog, on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. I think I pretty much know what I want to post here in general.

On one hand, I feel like I’ve wasted the opportunity to write about the things I have been doing the last 5 years. On the other hand, I guess, as the title of this blog suggest, it’s about my life in transition. I guess I’m blogging at this point where I’m at another crossroads in my life.

Things are falling into place.


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