All packed for the next one week!


All packed for my trip for the next one week.

Everything is pretty much straightforward.

This time round, two sets of clothes- one of Penang (16-19 Oct) one of Bangkok (19-23 Oct). While I packed 4 shirts, 1 track pants and 1 shorts for the former, I only have 2 shirts, 1 track pants and 1 shorts for the latter. The numbers don’t make sense, but I should either be doing my laundry or buying new clothes.

In addition, while I exchanged 48 SGD for 122 Ringgit Malaysia to last me four days, I exchanged 82 SGD for 2000 Thai Baht to last me 5 days. Which again doesn’t make sense because I should be spending much less money in Malaysia and much more in Thailand. Let’s see how it goes.

I’m quite thankful I don’t have to spend on accommodation for both Penang and Bangkok. I’m saving quite a bit on that. Was reading up on how much travellers spend in Bangkok and for some reason the travel sites I visited quoted 1000-3000 Thai Baht per person per day for accommodation, travel and food. For me, I had budgeted 400 per day for travel and food, so reading the high rates shocked me. Again, this is all just a budget. I’ll try not to withdraw money overseas.

PS –  If all goes well, K and I will be presenting/ sharing at Power Shift Malaysia. Wish us luck!


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