A new phone and October getaway

1) I re-contracted and got a new phone.

I finally re-contracted. From Starhub’s 3G Smart Surf 100 plan (which they stopped in 2012 by the way) to 4G 3 plan. The former plan had free incoming minutes, free outgoing minutes, tons of free smses and a free bundled data of 12GB. The latter has 150 free outgoing local minutes, 1000 free sms and 3GB local bundled data). The drop of free bundled data is from 12GB to 3G, but the price is comparably similar- $40.51 for the former and $40.09 for the latter, excluding GST. And the reason I re-contracted is because I needed a new phone and I didn’t want to pay much for it. So.. this ex-Samsung Galaxy 2 and Samsung Galaxy Beam user is now a Xiaomi Redmi Note user.

2) I am going away for about a week this month.


Penang for Power Shift Malaysia. And then Bangkok for leisure (and work once I find it). This time round I’m forking out money for flights and food only. Accommodation for both countries are taken care of. (Also, going to PSM means I’m giving the YNTUC annual work retreat a miss because it’s happening the same period, in Tioman. That can be a story on its own).

I was looking through the travel photos that I kept on Flickr and it seems that since all those trips since July 2012, I have never paid for something in full amount. Either flight and/or accommodation was paid for by someone else or I was bunking in at a friend’s place. I’ve also (I would like to believe) mastered the art of bringing necessary items only.

I need to leave the online life this October. I need to spend time for myself. I need to ask myself what I want. It gets tiring holding up and holding in.


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