Excited the past few hours after seeing the Bamboobee BIY posts on Inhabitat and Urban Velo..

And I’m finding it hard to sleep.

Gotta get out of the house in 5 hours for a full day conference at NTUC later. And catching up with YS at night. The boy is back from his one year stint in Hong Kong.

This half of September is going to be fun!

This weekend I’ll be joining some of the young unionists at a survivor themed camp at Sisters’ Island. I heard our phones are going to be confiscated and we have to earn our food and sleeping stuff.. So while F1 is happening in mainland Singapore, I’ll be toughening up myself in some nearby islands.

Then Monday would be my third last class with the primary school social action class. I’m looking forward to the last class on October 13. Really.

And the following weekend, 350 Singapore will be screening Disruption. Attendees for that event is still quite small. But I’m glad people are coming, and this includes Randolf Arriola, one of the best live looping musicians and in the world. We got to know each other in 2012 and I had invited him to perform at the opening act of the global screening of One Day on Earth when I was interning with ECO Singapore. This time round he’s coming as a regular attendee but this means a lot to me for a few reasons.

Of course while all these are happening, I will still have to continue working and putting in extra effort the next 30 days. This is because I am planning to go over to Penang, Malaysia 16-19th October for Power Shift Malaysia, organised by 350 Malaysia.. And then well I kinda want to take time off another week or so going somewhere else in the region. So I should work harder if I want to still see a salary for next month lol.


Sometimes I write that I get tired and jaded. Because I volunteer too much. Because I’m doing too many things at once. Because I feel I can’t handle the stress. And then there are times where I write about the events, the excitement, the possibilities that can happen. And that keeps me going.

Some people comment sometimes, my family included, on why I don’t just get a normal job and earn good money. Like twice or three times I’m getting now. Be a teacher (like most secondary school friends). Be a civil servant. Be this. Be that. Well. Maybe I just have a preference for a job which doesn’t follow office hours and too much protocols. Maybe I don’t need that much money. Maybe I want something which allows me to explore many different things. Maybe I want a lifestyle where I can have a lot of time for myself and my family.

I suppose this is me trying to justify why I’m doing the things I’m doing now.

And you know what?

I’m liking it.

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