When it comes to religion, sometimes I don’t know what to feel.

I’m born into a Muslim family. And my parents are practising Muslims. When it comes to us kids though, the four of us went to kindergarten mosques and up till now, we do fast, but we don’t pray, except the brother who goes for the weekly Friday prayers.

I never really thought much of it. To me, having a religion and having morals are two separate things. And as long I’ve the latter, I’m alright with myself.

Then again, a few weeks back, F (an ex budak degil) mentioned he has been going to Darul Arqam for classes and he recently joined the Diploma programme. Last week D (a Dutch? guy) mentioned he has been going for classes at Darul Arqam too and converting in two months time, and marrying a Malay girl. Today A (who is not in Singapore and not a Singaporean) said she ran away from home and long story short is going to take some classes and converting soon and getting married to P in December. And tonight a short chat with R revealed he has been teaching D how to pray and that is making him more religious.

The sudden influx of all these individuals in transition, in the given context, has made me think about my current lifestyle a little bit more. Not that I’m complaining right now. I just haven’t found a strong motivation to change.

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