Mid September.

Work- I think the number of times I turned up the office so far this month has been equal or more to the number of times I turned up last month. Some days were more productive than the other. I think I met three unexpected visitors.

With non-work things, I think in general I confuse people who don’t know me. Lots of people don’t know me of course. They only read Facebook updates or meet me outside at events. For those on Facebook the general feel I got was that they get confused seeing my graduation photo in August. Well yes, I completed school in December. But we all had to wait till August till for the graduation ceremony. And at this point I am not looking out for a job. What I am looking out for though, is business opportunities. And then there are those who get confused with my environment profile. I am doing what I am doing today because of things I have done since 2010. For some reason, some people associate it with August 2014 onwards or 2014 in general. And all remarks are said given the few instances which happened the past few weeks.

On a separate note, it was last week that I sat in for LJ’s meeting. Long story short, I feel that sometimes we get so eager helping out disadvantaged communities, giving them infrastructures and such, that when problems arises we bring in more infrastructures without really solving the core issues – community needs and capacity building training.

And yesterday, I had a mostly me-time day. Reading at Esplanade Library. Eating at Cameron/ Rex. Buying second hand books at a book fair at The Verge at Little India. Well. The vendor was that book shop at Bras Basah complex. And then eye brow threading. Lastly a visit to East Village at Upper Changi Road for a bicycle-travel-tales-sharing. I think I need more days like that.

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