Monday. 11am to 6.30pm. At the office.

7.15pm. At LJ’s office in town. Sitting in. A number of thoughts. One of which was.. Stuff.

8.30pm. Dinner. Good food. My horror story later.

10pm. Back at LJ’s office. Rashes like things started to appear on both hands. Long story short we figured there was alcohol in the truffle cake I ate. The last time I drank “fruit water”  I got the same reaction.

11pm to 4am. It’s Tuesday morning now. And we left her office.

4.30am back home.

Trying to justify the long day.

On Sunday I told Min I was losing energy. On Monday I mentioned to Agnes I lost the motivation. But I don’t know on what. The past month I have been overeating and slacking in general. I take forever to return messages and emails. And today, tonight, it felt like I was trying to make up for the lost time.

I don’t know what time I’ll turn up at the office later.

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