Useful Free Web Tools

Free web tools workshop for green and social NGOs in Singapore by Eugene Tay of Green Future Solutions.

Part 1: Listening to Stakeholders

+ Google Alert. Monitoring the Web for interesting new content. Input key word and choose how you want it delivered to you. You can also create an RSS feed from Google alert and then send it to an aggregator.

+ RSS. Really Simple Syndication. Subscribe to different RSS feed in different websites. Use an aggregator to collect all the feed to one dashboard.
– An example of an aggregator is Feedly.
– How to create an RSS in the first place if it’s not on the website? You can go to Feedburner.

+ Google Trends. Useful to check and compare which words are more popular. Using the more popular word can help your website SEO.
* SEO –  Search Engine Optimisation

Part 2: Creating and Maintaining Blog.

+ WordPress. What content management system can you use? Many. One of it is WordPress.
– Static website. Don’t have to change content much. Like content page.
– Active website. Like a blog. Helps to update and increase SEO.
– Add plugins. Such as gallery. All in one SEO pack.
– Home title and Home description. Remember to include keywords in these items so that it helps increase your SEO as well.

+ What’s the proper structure for a blog post? What should you include in a blog post?
– Include a photo. And the description. This will help when someone is searching in Google Images.
– Short paragraphs and quotes.
– Video
– Numbering
– Link to your other blog posts. Related articles.
– Share to other social media platforms.
– Add a comment section and interact with your visitors.
– Add Facebook plugin.
– Call to Action. And subscription should be visible.

+ Web host.
Green Post. Carbon neutral.

Part 3: Email Marketing.

+ Mail Chimp.
Free if you’ve less than 2000 subscribers. Or send out 12000 emails a month.
So what do you do if you’ve more than that? Create another account đŸ™‚
– Can actually find out who clicks on your link. Find out open rate and click rate.
– Mailchimp allows you to create a sign up form. Copy the code. Paste to your website.

Part 4: Sharing and Engagement with the Audience

Plan. Listen. Share. Engage.

+ Plan
– Which social media platform to use? Singapore 3.2 million Facebook users.
– Important to have a blog. Regular updates makes an active website.
– Have your home base and outposts. Home base like your website and blog. Outposs like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram..

+ Listen
– Google Alert
– Social Mention
– Social Searcher

+ Sharing 
– Share your journey and vary the topics.
1) Cause (What you’re advocating for or doing)
2) Work (What your staff is doing?)
3) Stakeholders (Staff, Partners etc)
4) Call to Action (Link to website)
5) Media (news that talk about your organisation) 
6) Events (Yours or other related ones)
7) Fun (Facts, figures, games)
– Use the editorial calendar to plan your posts. Daily or weekly schedule.

+ Engage
– Engage with stakeholders and respond to comments.
1) Photos
2) Videos
3) Questions
4) Fill in the blank
5) Click like if
6) Share fan posts
– Building your fan community
1) Pay attention to your top 1
2) Ask your fans for help or advice
3) Involve your fans and cp-create
4) Feature your fans and their work
5) Celebrate with your fans
– Track statistics and analyse data

“Master your instrument, master the music, and that forget all that bullshit and just play.”
– Charlie Parker.

Part 5: Google Analytics

– Add account
– Copy tracking code.
– See things like Page Views and Demographics
– Too many data.
– See which pages are more popular

+ Facebook Page or Facebook Group?
– Page gives you Insights
You can control Content and Branding
– Group gives you more Interaction
You need to monitor content which does not represent your brand.

+ Why have multiple websites?
– Each website have specific cause. Can inter link with other websites. Generally increase SEO.
– Google analytics can add multiple websites or properties. Track many in one dashboard.

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