Rude – Vintage 1950s Sock Hop – Style MAGIC! Cover ft. Von Smith – YouTube

After work I went out to meet Agnes in Bugis. She’s in town for a bit longer this time round.

I wanted to meet her at I Am as it was also it’s one year anniversary but we soon realised it was impossible to get seated quick and headed to Going Om instead.

In the next three hours, we were to be serenaded by live music from Going Om- pop/
r&b, I Am- pop/funk (both at Haji Lane and probably 20m away from each other) and later walking back at one of the pubs- belly dancing (this one at Bali Lane). Perhaps I’ve been avoiding that place too much during weekend nights that I didn’t realise how lively it is.

Anyway, the second set of musician at Going Om sang Rude and I was reminded of this version which M passed to me in his effort to fill up my inbox with music videos, saying this was his favourite. Pretty nice song and lyrics huh. It would actually be more wonderful if he realises how much I look into song lyrics.

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