49 Years Since Independence.. Can We Have More Kind People Please?

So back on Saturday 9th August, I spent my day with two groups of people. 

In the morning, I was with Yi Han, Xiao Cheng and Zhirong of the PM Haze Team, and later in the afternoon-evening I was with some 350 Singapore friends celebrating the National Day Parade organised by Young NTUC, happening at The Promontory.

Morning meetup:

Yihan wanted to cover a list of things;

1) What is the gap in the fight against haze? Who are the other players?
2) What do we stand for? Our vision & mission
3) Are we aligned to cover the gap?
4) Our current state of knowledge regarding haze
5) Our strategy
6) SWOT analysis
7) How can we enhance our strengths and reduce our weaknesses?

8) Moving forward: Team structure & Agenda for meeting on 23rd

Xiao Cheng helped facilitate the session quite well, with notes from the DBS-HUB Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp held the previous weekend.

Somewhere along the way, it dawned upon me, once again, on the topic of haze, along with so many others like littering, income-inequality, healthcare etc, there is always that sentiment that people would feel that it is the government’s responsibility to always take care of things. On one hand, when it comes to national administration of general policies, yes I agree with such sentiments. However, I am also a strong believer of a people’s movement, people taking their own initiatives to come up with ground-up solutions, that may be small scale, but is direct and engages others better. And that said, I am proud of Yi Han who is patiently building up PM Haze and engaging more people into this.. I can’t make it for the entire meeting on 23rd August, but would definitely encourage more people to attend the meeting. At the end of the day, haze affects everyone, and if we can do something about it, in a coordinated way, why not?

PM.Haze will be holding a meeting on 23rd Aug 3-6pm at NTUC Building (One Marina Boulevard) to share our direction and brainstorm together a specific action to empower people in Singapore with the knowledge and means to fight haze. This action will be carried out over the coming year 2015.

If you’re keen to be part of the action, contact us via contact@pmhaze.org

The red crowd at Young NTUC Celebrates National Day 2014

Afternoon meetup:

After lunch with Yi Han and Xiao Cheng,  I went down to The Promontory earlier for a familiarisation walk of the place.  I had earlier passed on my pair of tickets to the main parade at The Float to my parents- I looked at their pictures and they seemed to enjoy it. Good thing.

On this day of national significance, to complement the Labour Movement’s “Appreciating U movement”, Young NTUC will also be bringing together an important group of unsung heroes to commemorate the Singapore worker’s spirit – a spirit that has supported Singapore through her birth, growth and development.

This group of unsung heroes keep Singapore Clean, Green and Safe. They are the Cleaners, Landscape Artists and Security Workers. They’re all around us, all the time, quietly doing their part to support Singapore’s growth. At that point, it was perhaps a few hours of celebration for them as well, but I wish people in general would acknowledge these workers and express our appreciation a bit more. A kind gesture of “Thank You” would surely help to brighten their day.


Side Note

Earlier, when we were listing possible causes of haze, and were supposed to group them, somehow Zhirong grouped them according to Knowledge, Attitude and Perspective. Me being the Human Resource student that I was, was reminded of this paper which I must have skimmed through while I was studying.

People who perceive time as limited as limited tend to place a high priority on regulating their affective experience through harmonious interactions with others. In contrast, people who perceive time as expansive generally prioritize the acquisitions of accurate information about the world, which enables them to prepare for the future. These motives shape the choices that individuals make in social situations.

The knowledge of how much time one has, and where our endpoints are, or more broadly, the knowledge of whatever issues we have, will play a part in moulding our attitudes towards the issues, and that will frame our perspective of the issues.

A good reminder to always read up and find more about things so that I will always have a more holistic thinking. And be aware that there is always be limited time when I’m doing all that. All these.


2 thoughts on “49 Years Since Independence.. Can We Have More Kind People Please?

    • I don’t know! I don’t publicise the blog.. If people happen to read it, good for them 🙂

      Har har. Then shall I change it to “My wish for Singapore- be more concern about Haze and General Workers around you”?


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