Our 5 Picks for Best Luxury Bicycles

The colours for the Lambo though.. Nice!

Fashion & Style Guru

Fashion & Style GuruPhoto Courtesy of Porsche

Our first pick is Porsche’s city bicycles, the Bike RS and S. The company’s penchant for sleek lines and classic curves translates in new ways via these bikes, while also being built from fine materials that make them lightweight and safe (with help from the Magura hydraulic disc brakes). The RS is a 29-inch Racing Sport edition that is built for performance, featuring carbon features in the frame, handlebars, brake levers, and seat post. At less than 20 pounds, the RS can easily be carried around depending on where you need to get and is available in black with Electric Blue accents. The S is a bit heavier but not by much. It boasts a more stable ride due to the hydro-formed aluminum frame, and comes in Carrera white. With the Bike S retailing for $4,449.98 and the Bike RS going for $7,999.99, both models are…

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