Haze Bill and Ethical Consumption

I don’t know la. Sometimes I get sarcastic quiet fast these days. On a number of things. Today was on the topic of Haze Bill and Ethical Consumption.

Watch this: Consumers can play a role by choosing products with ethical origin: Faizah Jamal http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/specialreports/parliament/videos/consumers-can-play-a-role/1297678.html and realise that the blog title does not reflect the content of the speech entirely.

Read this: Debate at the Second Reading of the Transboundary Haze Pollution Bill 5 August 2014 https://www.facebook.com/notes/faizah-jamal/debate-at-the-second-reading-of-the-transboundary-haze-pollution-bill-5-august-2/798861116811531 and realise that a lot of points were brought up during the 12 mins speech.

Brief: There are concerns as to who actually owns the land + who causes the fire, the use of technology + possible infringement of sovereign rights, civil action + funding, fines that may not be all encompassing + where does the money go after this.. and putting pressure on big businesses to change business practices and be more ethical, especially for Singaporean-owned and government-owned businesses that are involved in such businesses. Singapore is a beneficiary of palm oil products and we should be more aware and conscious of our consumption pattern + choose products that have ethical origin.

Thank you Parliament for passing the Bill. Thank you Ms. Faizah for bringing up these points in Parliament.

For those who ask “Is that all the Government can do?” or “Is that all you can say?”.. Let me ask you “So what is it that you have done? As individuals, what actions have you taken?”

Acknowledging that transboundary haze is a very huge issue with lots of complications, there are still a number of things individuals can do. Sharing what some groups have done in Singapore and how you can play a part:

#DontJustCriticiseForTheSakeOfCriticising #GiveCreditWhenCreditIsDue #PlayYourPart #TakeAction


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