We went out for a while.
Got home.
I took a nap.
It was a familiar dream.

I was in a house
Maybe it wasn’t
But it was indoors
And it felt like it was mine
And in the living room there was a makeshift house
Filled with old items
That felt ancient
There was old documents and books mostly
The makeshift house was built on top of a table of some sort
It was sturdy
And it fell before
But this time round I shifted it to the left wing of the house
And there was a bedroom next to it
A kitchen sink or toilet next door
And I was happy the makeshift house found a new place
There was people around
But I can’t recall who they were exactly.

I know I had this dream before.
But I can’t recall why I was in it.
Or what I was doing.
It’s just a part of me.

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