Mid-July Updates

20 days since my last post.

  1. Family

    I thought last Ramadhan was scary enough. This Ramadhan, I don’t know if I’m scared or speechless or even more prepared.

    I’m not religious or anything, but this particular quote  “Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear…” (Qur’an, 2:286speaks to me even more.

  2. Singapore Power Shift

    Singapore Power Shift
    finally happened over the weekend 12-13th July. I think this blog post pretty much summed up the event.

    Am still waiting for some articles and will update the media tab as and when.

    Am really thankful for the team I have.  The core team who organised #PowerShiftSG met up only 2 months before the event, and we never had a full attendance before.  Amazing how these people worked together to make magic happened.

    Feb 11: Sent in proposal to Global Power Shift team
    Apr 29: Linked up to grantmaking partner
    Jul 3: Funding form submitted.

    May 5: Initial few members met up.
    In between met up with different members.
    July 5: Last team prep meeting.

    Am thankful to have Chewy, Janvi, Kephren, Ryan, Chia Wu, Yi Han, Tommy (and Kin and KiTo), Gracie, Bingkun, LJ, Yiyang, Xinyuan, Rhea, Tshering, Shannice, JD, Mel, Eileen.

    In the end, those who stayed are the ones who matter.

    I am not sure yet how I want to grow this team, or what kind of role I want to take next. But I believe great things will happen.

  3. Bamboobee

    S is registering me into the CPF system soon. I will be officially tied to it soon.

  4. Friends

    I don’t know. I’ve too many things I’m keeping in my heart.



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