Just got off Skype with F, who is now officially with CAN. From GP to CAN. His work seems exciting.

The possibilities are endless for SPS. F might be in the region to pitch on how one of the SPS campaigns can be one of the projects leading up to the Climate Summit in September. And he can work with S during Day 2 of the workshop to make this happen. I’m having GP alumni for Day 2. Feel like hiding them from the G. But for what lol.

Side note- Funny how CAN works faster than 350. Or at least, this was communicated faster to me through F. Oh if I were to list all the instances F and A went out of their way for me. Hmm.

I personally find the existing line up for SPS amazing. I am thankful for the core team who got together past few weeks to tie things together. I am proud of myself for approaching the speakers, sending personal invites to potential participants. I put in too much damn hard work for this. Of course I want this workshop to be successful. But I also know whatever I am doing now is not sustainable. I’m burning out. That’s why when F proposed the idea I hesitated to reply. I don’t know how much more I want to commit. I mean.. Back in April, after the Run, I was set on leaving it all. But then the SPS proposal got approved. And now there’s another milestone to achieve with the CS.

What do I get if I continue further? What do I get if I leave it all now?

And this is just one of the things I have to think about.

Today I felt slightly fucked up. On money matters that is. Financially fucked up. The money from the global team for SPS is still not in. A ended up booking his own flight. I left S hanging on his flight arrangement. I haven’t made accommodation bookings for them. I need money to come in. I need to order food too.

There’s so many Is in this post. Like I. I. I. I’m not working this month. All volunteering. So I’m not earning money this month. I haven’t gotten my salary from my freelance work last month. I’m starting my full time job officially next month. And I have at least 4 social obligations to go to this week alone.

Sometimes I think I’m doing shit to myself lol.

Flickr is giving me shit too. There was a software update I think. After that last food picture, my other 3 pictures were not uploaded. And this was after trying again the next day.

So much for wanting to take a 3 months break when I got my exam results in December. Speaking of which, I don’t even know if I’m supposed to apply for graduation or convocation ceremony.

I want a bicycle so that I can take a break whenever I want to.

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