(Down at NTUC Centre for Green Drinks tonight. Coming again tomorrow night for committee meeting and the night after for year end dinner organising team meeting. I’m like.. Why am I here 3x this week :/)

Went to the Green media roundtable discussion organised by Green drinks Singapore with the intention of taking down notes for the personal blog but I ended up snapping some pics for Bhavani so that we can share it on the Facebook page later.

– I want a camera like the one I was using.
– I need to take mental notes of people I meet.
– I need to read up more. Generally read up more.

Earlier in the day I skipped the WOW training so that I can tag along  the parents to Johor. We took the longer route. Had lunch. Mum went for her monthly massage. And I think Dad and I dozed off while waiting at some point. It was just hilarious listening to what going on in the room. Supposedly when a masseuse massages you she takes in your bad energy and release them through burps and coughs. Well that was what we heard. It was.. Probably unique sounding this one.

Back to tonight. Walking to the bus stop and feeling the wind against me and can’t help sniffing in and wondering if it’s going to rain tonight. Such a lovely breeze.

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