After BK on Sunday, I left with D. So we talked. About what’s happening with me. My friends. Our friends. And I think I accidentally caused her to talk about what’s happening with her. Perhaps it’s not the best of situations to compare, but it reminded me each of us face some sort of challenges at one point or another. We may or may not disclose it, but often we don’t know really know what other people are facing do we?


Later that night I got hold of M and asked what is it that he wants from me this period that he’s writing his paper. He replied “to keep me stable….?” I was very much tempted to grab him by the shoulders and say I’ve been turning mad the periods he had to write and I’ve to keep him stable. But obviously I didn’t. At the end of the day, consciously or not, both of us made the decision to support each other, especially when one is overwhelmed with work.


Today, Monday (Tuesday 1.20+am now) I went down to help facilitate a discussion at the NEA YEE. Run 25 (16 to 18 June) and Run 26 (20 to 22 June. Eugene of Green Future Solutions was there as a guest speaker. He was from the 2006 batch. I was from the 2012 batch. When I found out how senior he was (in terms of YEE batch) it dawned upon me Eugene is really committed and has come a long way. Dawned upon doesn’t sound like the right phrase.

Anyhow, I managed to chat with Robert a bit before I left. Robert from Systanibility Asia whom NEA has been engaging for the workshop since the start. One of the things he pointed out was that I need to value myself more. Sometimes people have the perception that NGO work should be cheap and low cost. And that doesn’t have to be the case. The amount and quality of work we do is comparable and sometimes better than non NGOs. And perhaps because of the added value we bring in, we should charge a higher price. I need to have a mentality switch soon.


This intermittent coughing sometimes makes me imagine my heart is getting weaker by the day.


A few hours ago, I received an invitation to start publishing on LinkedIn. Read up about the new feature. Read some posts by previous Influencers and a friend who was invited earlier. I’m still contemplating. I’m skimming through this blog and thinking to myself what is it that I can take and develop for the LinkedIn audience. I’ve yet to figure it out.

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