BK on 8th June

Collecting grass clippings

The kids under 12 collected grass clippings with Joshua.

Building earth mounds

Some adults replaced the wood planks with earth mounds.

Outside AVA

Where the kids collected the grass clippings.

Kampung Carpark where we keep the potted plants

Some other volunteers helped Mei out with the potted plants.

Lantana plant


Durians in season

Durians are in season!

Young banana

Young Bananas 🙂

Crossing  the stream

Excited face after crossing the stream.

After BK, I dropped by Kampung Play at Bukit Batok.

Bingyu briefing volunteers at Don't Cap Your Imagination!

Bingyu briefing the volunteers at Bukit Batok CC’s t Don’t Cap Your Imagination!

Tools for the day

Some tool for today.


Event space.


I only helped out with the event space setup before I went home to nap.


Joshua asked how I did it. The public speaking. The eye contact. I told him it was the few years of practise at community outreach events before I joined GUI. Maybe that’s what I miss. I haven’t had the opportunity to do that for the longest time.


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