Future Leaders Summit ’14 Day 2

Heng Chee How

Story about soul who was in Hell and Heaven.
You can do things faster, but it doesn’t make you a leader.
In a greater world, it’s not just a out altruism, but also about enlightenment.
Three types of people.
Those who make things happen, wait for things to happen, wonder what happened.

Rob Lilwall

Whatever you do, or first you can.. Begin it now – Goethe
If you were to die right now, how would you feel about your life? – Brad Pitt, Fight Club.
Man’s greatest step is between the warm bed and the cold floor- Anonymous
If there is anything more exciting than being alive, I’d like to know what it is- Frederick Buechner
It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities- J K Rowling.
Attitudes.. Essential for success in expeditions apply in life in general. Things like goal. Long term goals. Be specified. Have short term goals. Be clear about what you want to achieve.
Questions.. What was the saddest/happiest moments you saw? What was the lowest point in your life in the entire journey?
There are different types of low points.. But if I give up now, how would I feel?
Have an attitude of resiliency.
Live in Singapore  at SIM Interest Group Convention 2014. 4th October. Marina Mandarin Singapore.

Anthony Chen

Everyone’s life starts on a blank page.
The Last Emperor.
Gong Li
Film School Confidential by Karin Kelly and Tom Edgar.
G-23. Ngee Ann Polytechnic graduate film.
Ah Ma. Film he made after his grandmother’s death and observing how people react in hospitals.
Hotel 66. While he was in Film School in UK.
Lighthouse. Graduate school film. First English film.
The Reunion Dinner. Went into contingency fund which was not recognised.
By this time, have 8/9 short films, embark into first full length film, Ilo Ilo in numbers.
Won 33 international awards worldwide.
Sold to over 30 countries internationally
3rd highest grossing local film in 2012 (S1.2 million)
Longest running movie in cinemas in 2013 (18 weeks).
One of the highest boxing Asian films in France in 2013.
Total gross S3 million worldwide.
Passion comes first, money a far second.
Took him 10 years to reach this stage.
Eventually if you prove yourself, the money will come.
Find out what your true potential is.
Teacher in Ngee Ann. Three things to avoid.
Don’t go into television.
Always make the film you want to make.
Don’t go to US. Hollywood will ruin you.
*Find a right partner* Wife supported him a lot. Pay rent. Encouragement.

Tan Tong Hai

Life has no limits except those set by you.
He was the man who introduced free Internet in Singapore while was with Starhub.
Stretch beyond your self-imposed limits.
Tip #1: Dream big &  Set big goals.
Tip #2: Focus &  work hard towards your goal.
Tip #3: Share your goals with others to help you go the extra mile.
Know your limits.
Push a little further everyday.
Tip #4: Find a mentor.
Tip #5: Continue to discover and learn.
Book- What I need to know, I learnt them in kindergarten

Vivek Kumar
Jeffrey Chi
Kwek Kok Kwong
Edward Chia
Justin Randles


Kk- No limit to life long learning. Learn to reset your mind. Be resilient. Recover from mistakes. Important to spend time learning. But also sit down and reflecting.


Kk- Lack the passion because we lack the time to explore alternatives. Can we take time off to do other things and find that passion. Take action for yourself.

Ec- Organisations must have passion. Leaders share passion of organisation. Starts with hiring. Hire someone who shares the same passion as the organisation. Creating conducive environment for people to think and reflect. Enjoy and love what you do.


Jr- The challenge. Have the discipline to select but the not make the offer. Be more innovative in your recruit be mentioned approach. Change the job to suit the person. What is a good candidate and put them in a better environment.

Vk- Progressive companies and shared learning curves of individuals and companies. Learn to take risks with people who have the right attitude. People with no background but want to learn. Eventually you will learn from each other. Eg while he was in Shell.

Q4 Managing change in authority and dealing with older colleagues.

Kk- At the end of the day, it’s about professionalism. Don’t really have to adopt a hierarchical arrangement. It’s about working in a team. Have they mutual respect. Older colleagues- ask for advice.. They have a wealth of experience.

Vk- The days of musculine leadership is over. Snowflake leadership distributed leadership and not concentrated leadership.

Q5 How do you persevere? What’s your selection process?

Ec- The kind of challenges changes. Important to get yourself involved. Colleague see your hard work and sense your sincerity. Learn the nitty gritty of the business. What kept me going? Some parts was the fear of failure. Don’t think too far. Just do today well for a better tomorrow.

Jr- Profitable firs month. Not so well the next 11 months. Have faith.

Jc- Invest in early stage company. Look into 5 things. 1) Space. Is it a space that has potential to grow. 2) Competitive advantage. What has this company have that sets itself apart? Propriety technology? Relationship they have? 3) People 4) People 5) People. We look at the team. Does the team have the passion and capability to deliver? Do they have the experience and willingness to learn? Ability to build company and corporate culture etc.

Q6 What skills should PMEs have?

Kk- Have a breadth of knowledge. LIFE. L- leadership. I- IT knowledge and innovation. F- finance and self sustainably. E- entrepreneurship and how to serve your bosses.

Q7 How do you stay innovative and competitive? For business for individuals.

Jr- Change the business structure.

Kk- Never go for courses thinking you will be promoted. If you want don’t upgrade, how are you going to support your family. Think of the fear and joy to motivate to help you stay competitive.

Ec- Sometimes entrepreneurs are bad managers.

Q8 How do you manage different backgrounds and expectations?

Ec- Diversity is great. Employ them in roles which suits them and the organisation.

Q9 How does your organisation look for talents?

Jr- Skills and Atriebutes list.

Q10 How do you tell people their idea won’t work?

Jc- The most effective medicine is sometimes painful. Because of the lack of experience, they don’t really see what is going on in the industry.

Ec- Balance and diversity. Sometimes don’t have to have the experience, give them a chance.

Q11 How do we get you to be our mentors?

Ec- Send your resume to Timbre.

Jr- Forget Timbre. Come to Lighthouse.

Vk- We at NTUC love it when employers fight for employees. I’m on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Jc- LinkedIn.

Kk- Facebook. LinkedIn. Email

Shane Driggers (networking lunch)

Shane Driggers

Reinvent yourself. Stay relevant.
It’s all about relevance.
Our mission is to connect the world’s most productive and successful.
300 million people worldwide. 1 million people in Singapore.
7 in 10 professionals in Singapore are on LinkedIn.
What our members do on LinkedIn?
1) Identity.  Professional profile of record.
2) Networks. Connect the world’s professional.
3) Knowledge. The definitive professional publishing platform.
+Get discovered.
Stand out amongst the crowd with a strong  professional brand.
+Understanding the meaning of a professional brand.
You have a professional brand.
+Defining your brand.
Thinking if your professional brand in a meaningful way.
+Living your brand.
Invest in your professional brand.
*How do you stand out*
Properly showcase your experience. Share what’s relevant. Catch the employer’s attention. Showcase ability to lead.
+Industry/ influence.
Be a sharer of knowledge. Share your knowledge with others. Share others content.
+Demonstrate ability.
Don’t get stuck in the comfort zone. Are you able to change easily? Are you moving with where the market is going?
My story.
*Simple investments go a long way.
Get involved.
Engage in conversation.
Follower ecosystem
Next play.
*Get started today! Propel your career forward!*
+Seek out stretch opportunities
+Know where to go- set milestones.
+Differentiate yourself.
+Continuously invent in your professional brand.
Books- 5 minute manager.

Nicholas Kontopolous

Phyllis Cheung

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