Future Leaders Summit ’14 Day 1

Adam Khoo

Motivation = Motive +Action
Beliefs- We all have the same potential. If it’s possible for others, it’s possible for me. It’s a matter of strategy.
Action. (in order for you to take action, you must be motivated first, so have goals)
Victims- give excuses, blamed and complain.
Powerful lessons.
1) Dare to dream big regardless of limitations. The brick walls are there to us an opportunity to prove how badly we want it.
2) Everything is possible with the right strategy. Success leaves clues. Model the success blueprint of others. Leverage on the talents and expertise of others.
Constantly upgrade your skills and strategies.
1) The best investment you can make is in yourself. You are your own greatest asset- Warren Buffett. 2) Don’t have ish your life was easier. Wish that you were better. Don’t wish for less problems. Wish more for skills. – Jim Rohn.
3) Take action in spite of the fear of failure.
4) Have belief and faith. Beliefs keep our dreams alive in times of crisis. Faith pulls us through the toughest of times.
Belief in yourself.

Lim Swee Say

Threats for PMEs.
1) Unemployment.
2) Structural unemployment.
3) Under unemployment.
Tripartite members strive for two outcomes;
1) Creation of jobs.
2) Development of new and better PMEs capabilities in Singapore.
One big advantage for singapore is our approach to Tripartism. Pro business and Pro workers. The two can coexist and mutually enforce each other.
What is being done?
1) Work together to provide more rights for PMEs.
2) Provide stronger employable support. Pie shape have 2nd skill.
3) Provide extensive employment support.
4) Broadening support beyond  the workplace.
1) Future leaders summit
2) Future leaders series
3) Future leaders mentoring session.

Parminder Singh

The language of leadership
@parrysingh #FLS2014
Using social media to lead others.
“Clarity of thought and expression are the two pillars of leadership. It’s all about rising above the clutter.”
Examples of leaders having banters on Twitter.
The language of leadership has changed.
Leadership. Expression. Transformation.
Leadership has a new language.
People want to connect.
3 steps. 10 leadership traits.
Discover- Define yourself. Pursue your passions. Support a cause.
Express- Have a point of view. Brand advocacy. Simple moments.
Engage- Start a conversation. Appreciate. Be a authentic.
Have fun!
Canvas to paint your leadership journey.

Ronald Tay (networking lunch)

Difference between managing and leading. The analogy.
Evolution of career.
Connect with people outside your workplace.
Self awareness.

Jessica Tan

Journey to leadership. Path to success.
What drives me. Enabling people and businesses throughout the world to realise their full potential. Microsoft #empowering.
“The world is getting better.. But it’s not getting  better fast enough.. And it’s not getting better for everyone.”
69 per cent of the world’s population will live in urban areas by the year 2050.
600 million jobs will need to be created in the next 10 years.
2/3 of the jobs available in 2020 have not been created yet according to experts.
Success pillars
1) Self and Personalisation.
Be passionate and continue to have curiosity to learn. Take care of your health.
2) Collaborate and Connection.
No one is an island. Share and learn from others. Build networks of trust.
3) Talent Development.
Hire great people, develop talent ecosystem and drive positive reinforcement.
4) Be Aspirational and Drive Innovation.
Leaders inmust be aspirational to enable others to grow. Encourage new ideas and support innovation.
5) Values and Authenticity.
Be genuine. Stay true to your values and walk the talk.
**Find the fine line of work life balance*-
How Microsoft measures performance? Not by ranking or rating.
1) In your role that you do, are you competent and deliver?
2) Does this individual takes ideas from others or builds up from scratch?
3) How does this individual help others succeed?
Use technology wisely.
Take up leadership roles when you are ready.

Suhaimi Rafdi (C1)

Movies. Leisure. Hotels. Property.
Cathay Cineplex 7 locations in Singapore. 2 in Malaysia.
Now a saturated market. Cathay, Golden Village and Shaw Brothers.
Foray into the Middle East.
Opportunity in the UAE. Local ciniplex standards not up to international benchmarks.
Called Reel Cinemas in the MENA region.
5 key strategies for Foray into Foreign Market.
1) Seeking out opportunities and identifying  the right market.
2) Determine the mode of entry.
Eg Cathay partnered with Emaar, a local property developer with a reach spanning the region.
3) Leverage on existing strength.
4) Cultural awareness and sensitivity.
– cultural differences
– gender and sensitivity
– language barriers
5) Attaining international accreditation for business standards.
Key takeaways
1) Important for business to go regional.
Seek opportunities beyond the local market.
2) 3)
On the corporate front, 140 staff. 3 Malays 137 Chinese. CEO and 2 drivers Malays. Extreme end.
Technology innovation. No more box office next year. Using machines to buy tickets.
Movie going as an out of home experience. Laugh with 300 people in the theatre and not just 6 at home.

Mohamed Ismail Gafoor (F2)

Enjoy the journey in life.
Look at our own positive strength in life.
Always make decisions.
Don’t accept the first no as the final no.
Myth 1. Myth 2.
Myth 3- Successful companies exist to maximise profits first..
Myth 4-
Myth 5- The most successful companies focus on primarily beating the competition.
Myth 6- Companies  becomes visionary primarily through “vision statements”
Don’t be time careless. Build clocks.
Key takeway- Never too late to believe in yourself.
Lulu.com Download The Timeless Gift.

Ronald Tay (C3)

Lesson learnt. The early years.
Never too early to research about careers.
Look beyond the glitz and glamour.
Find a career mentor.
Internships are great career experiments.
Always take the front row.
Go far: international exchanges, work, backpack.
Your CCAs can provide a clue to your strengths.
Lesson learnt. Finding your calling.
Manage yourself then manage your bosses.
Look at your current bosses and project yourself in their shoes.
If you love what you do, you do not have to work for a single day if your life.
First go deep the go wide.
Continue to sharpen your saw.
Lesson learnt. Establishing  your career.
Do you want to be #1 in your niche or #50 in the big pool.
Connections are everything.
Brands and market yourself.
Be international
Be a mentor
Stay curious.
Book- Career Conversations by Ronald Tay with Teo Ser Luck.
Harness the 5Cs of Success
Clarity. Commitment. Courage. Communication. Connections.
How about your career adventure.
What is one career tips you have picked up today?
What is one action you will take to further your career?

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