Favourite corner seat at Esplanade library

Favourite corner seat at Esplanade library. I always try to seat at the same place when I’m there.

Left GGBF during lunch break and now at Esplanade library to chill while waiting for dinner with Hannah of Engineers Without Borders, and then we are off to Green Drinks Singapore’s documentary screening of Transition 2.0 tonight. Hannah is always cycling around everywhere. I need to get a bicycle soon..

Past two days I learnt a lot about Green growth and the Business sector. To be honest some talks were dry, but the topics were interesting and in general the case studies added much value to the session. It’s a very different perspective for someone like me who has been more in the NGO sector.

When attending forums in general, I find it odd and I do get amused sometimes by the whole clothing culture of business forums. The blazers. The ties. The long sleeved shirt. The mono colours. The image of what a business forum is and how we should dress up is so entrenched in us, that I feel sometimes we put aside the practicality of things, that we are in a tropical country and perhaps we don’t need to be dressing up like that. And therefore don’t need to use airconditioners so much.

I also find it amusing.. When I observe behaviours of delegates who eagerly introduce themselves, pass their name card and leave it at that. What is the purpose of introducing oneself like that? Perhaps it’s just me, but I’d rather not talk at all. The human connection is so much than just a handshake and an exchange of cards. Maybe that’s why I’m selective when it comes to which friends I hangout with sometimes too.

There was one particular person I wanted to talk and he was so near today but I didn’t. It’s better not to?

This week I have been trying to squeeze time here and there to tie up loose ends for SPS. I need help. But I don’t know for what.

Update 11.34pm

After the screening Hannah and I hanged out with an Indonesian Couchsurfer who contacted me earlier. We soon realised we were at the same event, a CS meetup in Jogja back in 2012. She remembers me as the quiet girl. I remember being quite uncomfortable at that dinner. The atmosphere was just.. Hmm. Not my thing. On the other hand, the CS meetup in Bali was fun and hilarious. Hanna and her also found out they have the same butterfly key chain. Hannah received it from a friend while she got it from her mum.

The last two weeks I’ve been slightly bothered by this Singapore Population Health Survey. Be over.

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