Made dumplings at the Kampung in the morning. Went over to Clementi NLB for the kids programme in the afternoon. Took a nap. Cleared up the SPS files and just sent emails to the team. Seems like there’s a lot to do for SPS.. It should be manageable if I follow the plan. I have one more day to save myself. Or a few hours considering I’ll spend my Sunday morning at the Kampung again. Need to leave the house in 5 hours time. Haha. The last few days feels like a record of site visits entries. That and me not getting enough sleep. And at times I feel rushed for nothing.

Yesterday Yihan sent a long email to the PM.Haze team about the hardships and uncertainty he is facing in Riau for the recce trip. He has been gone since 28 May and will be back 5 June. Point number 5 was as such:

5. If we do the homestay at Harapan Jaya, you will be showering in brown/ black river water (river water also contains chemicals used in the fields and god knows what else).

And this is with reference to the group trip 20-26th June. I am not sure of what to expect from this trip now.

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