The 2nd day of this workshop was just long. Thankfully the energy from the kids we mostly food. I especially like this particularly boy K who is ultra cute in character. That marks the last ad-hoc workshop assignment I have with WOW Kampung. I mean I still have that regular Mondays Tuesdays programme with the school but that’s till the school period ends. I want to focus on working full time in Bamboobee within the next few weeks. Giving myself one more month to make the full transition.

Met Chia Wu in the evening and we kind of did a spring cleaning of the 350sg website which will be properly done by start of next week. All is good. I just.. Am just.. Having my own challenges of talking to different volunteers at different times. Cos we are have different schedules and work commitments. And we have different personalities. Was talking to Adrian from 350my the other day and he mentioned “too many cooks spoil the brot” and that I “need team players. not star players.” Thankful we have quite a good team now. At the end of the day we are all volunteers. There’s a certain expectation and understanding, although unspoken, but is there.


Today, I received three smses from three different individuals I chose not to reply. One of it kind of reminded me of one email I got yesterday. I think when the time comes, I will write a post on Genuinity.

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