What kind of government will you vote for in the next election? What kind of individuals do you want to see in your government? 

Yesterday at ENVision dinner, Vivian B listed three threats; Climate Change, Pollution and Food Security. 

Tonight at Crossroads, when talking about”What should be on our horizon” Dr. Tan L.Y mentioned we should vote for a government that tackles Global Warming. What will happen and what will we do when the water level (does) rises 2m? The different living environment and human migration cost that we will inevitably have to face.. This was after discussing other social issues like technology, housing and education.


In other news.. Sometimes I catch up with old contacts, reconnecting because of specific reasons. Should I feel blessed they think I am able to help them? I don’t know. But I can tell you I at this stage where I am more selective of who I talk to (regularly) and who I support or commit myself to. If I can’t align myself to your values, how can I genuinely help you? That said, vice versa, I’ll understand if people don’t want to work with me for similar reasons too.

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