Free Chek Jawa Boardwalk trip with Naked Hermit Crabs

Find information on “2014 – Free Chek Jawa Boardwalk trips on the 4th Saturday of each month” at this link here.

Read Ria Tan’s entry on 24th May session here.

Celebrate World Ocean Day with Naked Hermit Crabs at the Pasir Ris mangroves on Saturday 7th June 5pm. Blog info here.

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24th May.

A few weeks back I got some friends together to come join me for this Chek Jawa trip. I set the meeting time to be at 8am at the Changi Point Ferry Terminal.. but on that day, I actually woke up at 7.30am ( I live in the west side) and knew I was going to be late. Fortunately or unfortunately, Hui Ying was late too, and we cabbed down together to the east side. Some photos and captions below. Check out the respective links above if you want to find out details about future trips! I wish I could have stayed longer.. probably going there another time for a leisure ride.

Going for the Chek Jawa guided tour by Naked Hermit Crab group!

Going for the Chek Jawa guided tour by Naked Hermit Crab group! Dianne, whom I met while volunteering at ECO Singapore. Natalie, fellow Couchsurfer (CS) friend. Jingyi and Hui Ying, fellow volunteers at Ground-Up Intiative. Anna and Shi Cheng, CS.

Rambutans on the floor. Still green.

It was a Chek Jawa trip. So after the bumboat ride, and the internal van-taxi ride, we still had to walk a bit before reaching Chek Jawa itself. Along the way we say green furry stuff on the ground. It was rambutans, not riped, which fell to the ground.

Standing on top of the 30m tower and over looking Pulau Ubin.

The view from on top of the 30m high tower. Not the best angle. But yeah, we had a good view of the surrounding areas. Mostly top of trees and the sea.


My first time seeing a cricket.

Praying Mantis

And a Praying Mantis. I wonder if they feel tired being in that position.

Standing on the boardwalk. Clear Waters all the way.

At the Chek Jawa boardwalk. I’m more inclined to look at the sea.

Cycling in Ubin

In Pulau Ubin, people usually rent bikes and cycle around. Go Google the rates or just explore when you get there!

A family of 7 wild boars

We first saw one big one passing by. Then he/ she came back. And then we saw more behind him/ her. This family of wild boars walked around the waiting area for a while. Uncle Jin Teck our van-taxi uncle casually played with them for a while.

Big ships

Boats and Seas. Sun and Sky.

Sitting  by the side of our small bumboat

The rebel seating by the door and not inside. Haha.

Bumboats from Changi to Pulau Ubin. 12 passengers per trip. $2.50 per pax.

Bumboats from Changi to Pulau Ubin. 12 passengers per trip. $2.50 per pax. If it’s a small group and you are raring to go, just pay the whole bumboat fare.


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