Sunday 25th May.

Met Ryan, Chia Wu, Yi Han, Xinyuan, Gracie, Yi Fei, Shi Ning and Tommy at NUS.
Ryan and I stayed back longer. We moved to NTU. Sunset looks beautiful from that area.
School food at both NUS and NTU is cheap.
This Singapore Power Shift planning is testing my people-relationship-communication skills.
The outcome for Sunday’s discussion was good.
I can’t wait for this thing to run. It has been one year too long.

Monday 26th May.

Skyped with Ezra.
Went to the school for class.
Z and I went to the coffeshop to have Indian Rojak and chat after that.
Aside from personal stuff.. I guess yeah, I need to learn not to pack my schedule, have more blank slots, learn to breathe.
Learn not to feel guilty.
In the evening, I went for the NTUC Income RUN 350, Organised by Young NTUC Appreciation Dinner at Spruce at Fire Station at Upper Bukit Timah.
Floating between 350 Singapore and GUI.

I accepted WOW’s Saturday afternoon assignment few weeks ago.
Today YDU said there’s a whole day media training workshop. Which I had to decline.
And now there’s a GUI Dumpling Festival Celebration in the morning.
Looks like I’m spending Saturday with GUI.
One of those days where it makes me think at the end of the day, perhaps it might be easier to stick with one organisation and commit to them and that’s that.


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