Met Sunny. He’s the sort of person who dreams big and works hard for it. I on the other hand seems to put limits on myself and work towards a minimal goal. The right attitude will bring great outcomes and I’m giving myself 2 months to achieve the first few goals.

Met up with Huiying. She plans on joining GUI full time when she graduates. Made me think why I hesitated about doing so for a long time.

Met Ryan. Every time we meet it seems like we have something to complain about. I guess we all need an outlet to do so. And in the green youth circle, he’s someone I can talk to about certain stuff.


Met up with Yihan. During that meeting I hesitated again about joining his group for the Haze research trip end June. Today (Thursday) I confirmed I would be joining him. I dislike doing things with little information but I guess I will have to find out more within the next month.

Went for YNTUC meeting. I didn’t realise there’s sub-regional union workshops and meetings. Those who went came back and shared. Made me realise Singapore’s labour force face “happy problems” when compared to other countries.

I then walked 3km down to Tree in Lodge and visited SK. I haven’t seen the new hostel at Silat Avenue since they shifted from Tan Quee Lan Street. I promised I would go down again during day time to take proper pictures. The first thing he said when he saw me was “You gained weight.” Such frankness lol.


Went for a short briefing with WOW for an upcoming NLB programme. I like partnering with Zelda for the Anderson programme. She’s different. And her briefing for this programme was different too. Sometimes at work you really need someone who is not constrained or sterilised you know?

And when I got back, I had early dinner with the parents. Dad commented how “boseh-boseh” (messy?) the pregnant sister looks like with the t-shirt and shorts everyday. He mentioned how Mum handled everything by herself and brought up the four of us on her own. Even till now. My Mum is a superwoman. Even when she was undergoing Chemo she continued doing housework and now that she’s recovering she continues with daily routine. My Mum set the bar really high on this one.

Just been out meeting different people. Will be out with the brother for now. Ciao.

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