Cycle by The Bay

As part of the annual DBS Marina Regatta programme over the weekend (17-18th May), there was a free DBS Cycle by the Bay tour which was conducted by Bamboobee, from 2.30pm to 6.40pm.

Tour leaders from Bamboobee brought out participants in groups of 5, for a 3.5km experiential stroll along the Waterfront Promenade of Marina Bay Sands area. This leisure ride included pit stops such as the Marina Bay Sands, Arts and Science Museum, Helix Bridge, Youth Olympic Park and and Esplanade Waterfront. On paper, it was stated that the tour would last 30 minutes. In reality however, a leisure ride and taking into account the crowd over the weekend can take 40-60 minutes.

Sexy babies for today

Cycle by the Bay. Revolution Cruiser bicycles at the DBS Marina Regatta 2014.

The participants were using the Revolution Cruiser bicycles. They were all new bicycles and the leather seats were still tough. I bet they will be more comfy after some use. I also prefer the ladies bike as compared to the regular bikes.

Over the next few months, members of the public can also join in this Cycle by the Bay tour, which will be as part of the monthly DBS Movies by the Bay. The next date is set to be 20 and 21 June 2014, at 7.30pm. You can start participating in this actively fun community by voting for your favourite movie here!


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