Kudos to Delifrance @ Jem

Post written Sat 17th May.
About Wed 14th May.

I met up with Yi Fei and Shi Ning to do some prep work for an upcoming workshop. We met at Jurong Regional Library first. Yi Fei had to leave earlier, with her laptop, and since the tables with powerpoints were taken up, Shi Ning and I proceeded to Jem where we thought was could find a cafe with powerpoint to sit and continue with some work- both our laptop batteries are spoilt. Boy, was it tough. Starbucks Coffee, at this outlet, had no plugs. We saw one at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf but it was being used. We saw one at LENAS and went to sit at the table, but was asked to move from the six-seater to a two-seater- which I thought did not make sense since we already said we wanted the powerpoint and the tables is the type that can be shifted, and it was not even at a 50% occupancy rate at that point. And when we left, I felt the staff looked at us snobbishly. Yes this was what I felt. Shi Ning and I later went to PastaMania and saw a powerpoint, but at a table that was reserved. We asked a staff if there was another table with a plug, he turned to a colleague and asked, and then turned to ask to say “sorry we don’t have plugs.” I left these two last F&B thinking “WTF is wrong with the service here?” And I said this in comparison to my time in Jogjakarta where almost all the food establishments I went to, have plugs and and phone charging points for customers to use, and you can most of the time ask to use the restaurant Wi-Fi, and staff are friendly.

Fortunately, we found Delifrance which is at the basement. There were three plugs for use. We happily sat down, ordered our food and continued with some discussion. We were there for 1.5 hours.

Classic Michel

Le Saint-Michel with a drink I forgot.

Tahiti pizza

Tahiti Pizza Baguette D’lightful

Strawberry cupcake

Strawberry Cupcake

Student meal

Student Set Meal- Tuna D’licious with Tea and Cookie



And we were happy with food. It was delicious. Staff on duty were friendly. I heard one saying “goodbye” to a customer who was leaving. And I felt great because I felt they were not judging us student-looking customers.  We are not shameless to have sat there for hours and ordered just coffee. Please.  And I’m not even saying this because I felt snubbed at the previous food establishments. Just go down to Delifrance @ Jem and you’ll see what I mean.


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