Leaves and TOPPS

Wednesday 1.40am now. I just had long days since Friday, I haven’t exactly been writing since Saturday’s post.

On Sunday, I went down again for Balik Kampung. This time round it was Duong and I who were leading the kitchen team. She made a cooling green beans and chin chow dessert while I helped to squeeze some lemonades, and later together with our kitchen volunteers and my mother, we did vegetarian curry and “Roti Kirai” which is essentially yellow net pancake. But since we did the mixture wrong, we ended up with a thicker paste which we turned into crepes instead. I guess the Kampung kitchen is where we can do some “trial and error” sometimes.. the people there are forgiving. JJ pointed out we should try making it again till we perfect the method.

Lemon + Sugar + Iced water + Peppermint

Lemon + Sugar + Iced water + Peppermint

Roti Kirai gone wrong

Roti Kirai gone wrong

I also love how we are always able to use the herbs and plants in the garden and around the compound in our cooking. For lunch items, we did use curry leaves and peppermint leaves from the garden. Later, Terrance plucked some leaves from the backyard for my mother to sooth her sore throat. I forgot the full name and will update later!

Terrance plucking out some leaves for my mum's sore throat

Terrance plucking out some leaves for my mum’s sore throat

For some reason, a simple task such as being in the kitchen team really tired me out that day, and when I got home I just took a nap. There are times where I feel my internal organs are slowly deteriorating, and this weekend was one of those days. The previous day, while watering the plants, even squatting and standing while watering the plants made my lower back ache. Hmm.

Anyhow, in the evening, about 10 of us went down to TOPPS Lounge at Village Hotel Bugis to support a new colleague, who also sings. I am amazed by people who are multi-talented artistically. Makes me question what is my talent..

Topps Lounge

Topps Lounge


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