Checking in 1st week May

No classes on Mondays and Tuesdays till the last week of May as the kids are having their examination period. So I was at *Scape on Monday at the shop. It was peaceful in the quiet corner.

Then I went down again on Tuesday, but this time to support LJ (Team Go Easy) who was taking part in Enabling Community coLAB, a social innovation project by the Ministry of Social and Family Development and SG Enable. Checked out UP Singapore’s website while I was on my way there and saw Aseem (whom I know through and Farah (whom I know through GUI and SL2) pictures in different groups, but I didn’t see them at the event. Over there, I met Chuen Lum (Team Platform Enable)- he is part of Engineers Without Borders (Asia) which LJ helped co-found in Singapore. I met Chuen Lum at EWB and I know LJ much earlier at some other green events. She has been an active 350 Singapore supporter as well as as being one of the more closer friends I have now. I don’t know if it’s a case of Singapore being small or I’m just moving around in the same crowd.

I was taking notes of the presentation on my phone. I love typing using SwiftKey by the way. The auto-prediction rocks and it makes typing so much faster. I saved it in my Gmail draft and intended to share it here.. but around the 8th presentation (there were 10), I just stopped. The ideas were good, and were meaningful. I have my favourites, especially those that made use of data and translated that to useful information. It’s just that, it suddenly hit me how convenient it was for us to be creating assistive technology for persons with disabilities, that it made me question where the human connection and interaction was in this ecosystem.  Anyhow, five teams were selected and awarded $20 000 each to turn their ideas into reality. LJ’s and Chuen Lum’s team were one of these two. TODAY ran an article on it and you can find it here.

For me personally, I’m slowly getting back on track. After helping out Agnes early this month, I’ve scheduled back weekend volunteering with GUI at the Sustainable Living Kampung. We are blessed that Bottle Tree Park was offered to stay a few more months, so I’m going to spend a bit more time there now. As for 350-related stuff, this week has been a bit more intensive.. on 15th May, we are organising a documentary screening of The Island President. Details here. The past two days, we have confirmed that ex-President Nasheed will be doing a live Skype interview, so today I watched a number of clips and read articles and drafted some interview questions.  Separately.. we received forms for the GPS grant, but I cannot fill that up for now because of administrative issues. Let’s hope whatever happens, the GPS workshop happens by end July.

My sister brought it up again.. why am I volunteering so much? I have a lot of things I want to say, but they shall be kept in my head.


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