Some lines from one of the songs used in Reading Centhini: The Reader, a performance lecture by Agnes Christina. The show is happening tomorrow night.

“Ndang balio Sri
Ndang balio
Aku loro mikir kowe ono neng endi

Ndang balio Sri
Ndang balio
Tego temen kowe minggat ninggale aku

Yen pancene Sri
Kowe eling aku
Ndang balio, aku kangen setengah mati”

“Come back Sri
Come back
I am sad thinking where you are

Come back Sri
Come back
How could you run away leaving me here

If you remember me Sri
Please come back, I miss you so much.”

These lines touches me on a personal level.

I’m only reading the script from this particular performance, but I’m already learning quite a bit about the myths and the stories of ancient Java. I wonder if anyone has the whole Serat Centhini set. The original version. It’s written in Javanese, and I wish I know how to read and truly understand it.

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