Much Positivity Creeping in Last Week April

I guess it has been a good day today.

.. I might have sounded slightly emo in the previous post, but really, receiving that approval and confirmation from the global team spurred me a bit and I did send out emails to a few people for follow ups. In the concept of 350 ppm, the “ppm” there doesn’t only refer to “parts per million” but also “people powered movement” so getting the local community involved in this is more essential to me.

The Youth Dialogue on 24th April received good feedback. There is a documentary screening on 15th May, and I’m hoping to get a live Skype interview with The Man. All in all, I feel more positive. And I hope this positivity stays with me until I complete the newly approved proposal.

.. I was in time for my afternoon class, and although there were some administrative hiccups, I think class went well today too. The P6s are more cooperative than the P5s and that helped.

This particular assignment under WOW Kampung tests my patience sometimes. In many different ways. But once I’m in the class and chatting with the kids as friends, I’m OK. And today was OK. The travelling there, the students, the noise level, the disruptions. It was Session 9 today. I just need to hang on.

.. On my way home, and checking my emails and a picture attachment from Sunday’s Run 350 came up. I replied with a “Unglam. Haha. Thank you.” and JD, in his most rational and polite way he has always been, said;

I thought it was utmost symbolic.

After years, you are there at the finish line as 350 Singapore rep, to give the medals. That, I thought was the most touching part. Personally lah. A milestone for me.

So ok la. It wasn’t that bad. I took a second look at the picture and I think the photographer captured the right moment. I like the expression on the kid’s face.


Photo taken by one of the official photographers at Run 350

Also at this point, I do feel the need to state that personally I find that Young NTUC as founders of the local 350 Singapore chapter has always given much support, in terms of venue sponsorship, EDM design for events, and a very helpful point of contact. I do feel detached from the global 350 team sometimes, and there were times I felt communication and speed of communication can be better, but I guess that’s normal somehow. And that itself makes having the local 350 Singapore team, and Adrian from 350 Malaysia, more meaningful for me.

.. It’s 29th April now, and the end of April is coming soon. I need to decide to either eliminate my Facebook and Twitter account, or just use them less- like what I have successfully been doing this month. In May, personally, I also want take time off to learn more about the startup and start integrating myself into this young business. And of course, volunteer wise, kickstart implementing the approved proposal. For June, I have my eyes set for something in Indonesia and Thailand/Phillipines for two separate events. Will see how it goes.

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