Volunteering and Working. Inter-related.

Wilson and I had planned to cab down together to F1 Pit this morning, but we didn’t have to because his mum kindly decided to send us there. She has always helped to fetch us home if we happen to be at the same venue, while I was interning for Wilson 2-3 years back under ECO Singapore. Although I have since moved on to 350 Singapore, we are still affiliated somehow through Young NTUC.

The weather looked bleak right from the start, with the drizzling developing into heavy rain. The 5.30am flag off for 21km runners were delayed, and by 6am, the organisers had to make a decision to cancel that run. Those who chose to stay and join the 7am flag off for 10km runners could do so. Finally when that happened, I learned that this competitive run was now considered a fun run. It’s the first time I’m experiencing this, and in curious as to how runners felt this morning. The kids 350m dash which happened much later was much more fun.

Run 350

10km competitive runner with 21km fun-run participants at the starting point of Run 350

I think I mentioned yesterday I already felt conflicted having to do up proposal for both Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) and 350 Singapore for this event Run 350. I volunteer for both organisations. It’s the feeling of what can be done, and I doing enough for both, or I’m being fair to both, and I’m tired of the overlaps which makes me feel that way. This month that I was in a depressive state, I didn’t turn up for a lot of things; 5+6th for GUI’s internal Balik Kampung, 11+12+13 for 350 Singapore’s presence at Race Entry Pack Collection, 19+20 for GUI’s core team birthday celebration.. And I was really choosy as to who I would meet during weekdays; Jeevan 11th, Bingyu 16th and Sunny 23rd, because I felt there was a need to meet them and I should not cancel on them. So just now, I consciously made sure I was with YNTUC, GUI or 350 and spend some time with each, although it was short.

After the event, the GUI team went over to Jalan Besar area for lunch. Before leaving, Lai Hock asked about my job situation, and I said I’m still waiting because they have not confirmed. He then said, “We are also waiting for you.”

GUI has always been offering me a full time position ever since I was in my last semester of studies last year, and they have always been saying to join them when I’m ready. In January and February this year I still went ahead with online applications to a few companies. In March-April, I met up with a startup and learnt about what they were planning to do. And then around mid-April, one of the companies I applied to in February got back to me and I invited me to their digital interview, which I did, and I felt surprise hearing back from this global hospitality company after being rejected for a similar position in Singapore Tourism Board.

I think if we go all out and talk to people, we will somehow get lucky and know of more opportunities, and if we do get what we want, then we are truly blessed. It’s just that now, I have the option of working with an NGO linked to two social enterprise, a startup, and a global hospitality company- they are all different in many many ways; company structure, culture, benefits, salaries.. I need to choose the right organisation I can grow up with and develop my skills. I need to have that personal satisfaction. But I guess I can’t really judge or rate this personal satisfaction until I have experienced some working life. The question is, where do I work now?

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