Hop Around Town

8:15 Meet at SMU Admin Building for Conversations on Sustainable Singapore (Energy) session.

I felt I was not strict with this group on time management. Then again, time was short, and people wanted to share a lot of good things. Remind me to share the report when it’s ready.

14:15 Lunch with Mel at Taka food court.

A chat on priorities and singlehood. I don’t feel burdened by the need to get married early. And as much as there is a lot of hype on weddings and marriages, I think.. Being in a partnership is an attractive alternative pathway too. Oh yes, I’ve yet to share the report from the Youth Dialogue too. I’ll do that when I have time with the laptop.

16:15 Meet GUI team for Kampung Games set up Run 350.

I feel conflicted. GUI and 350 Singapore booth is side by side. Actually I’ve been feeling conflicted since the weeks leading up to Run 350. Lai Hock asked, “You’re not at GUI or 350 booth.. Then when are you tomorrow?” Hah. I’ll be floating. And floating.

18:15 Meet Agnes for surtitles edit.

Her laptop is still on Indonesian time.


At the Dance Room in Substation

20:15 I’m on the way home.

Mum is probably on the way to her cousin’s house to help me pick up some hand me down jeans from my well-to-do-cousin-who-has-been-teaching-for-10-years-i-think. She’s another example of a single successful woman too. I have been getting fat over the past 4 years, and I hope I can fit into some of her jeans.

And then.. I need to wake up at 4:15 LOL.

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One thought on “Hop Around Town

  1. […] Read last week’s post, and I am reminded I was not strict on time management last session.  So today, I made sure I did better on that and ensure each participant had a more fair time to speak and share. Plus, I think that helped keep focus on getting a more SMART recommendation for inputs into the Singapore Sustainable Blueprint. […]


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