Eugene, Bingyu and M.

Wednesday 16th April

In the evening, I met up with Eugene of Green Future Solutions as well as two other ladies who are helping out with the Conversations on Sustainable Singapore series. I think I will share what the background reading for participants are at a later date. At this point, I want to say that what he has helped prepare, is really constructive and specific, and I hope when it is submitted for the Singapore Sustainable Blueprint, the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources take it seriously. I think it is hard to get someone who is as hardworking as Eugene and doing things in his personal capacity to get everyone together, and he does this with a sense of direction and honesty. And for that I really appreciate his work.

I got to know Eugene when I was volunteering with ECO Singapore around 2010. Later, when I was interning with ECO Singapore, I got him to speak for at least two of the events, and I later moved on to interning for Green Future Solutions in 2012. Eugene is someone who has given me lots of guidance and opportunities at work, even when I left the company. From helping to facilitate for the Our Singapore Conversations for the Green Community, and later for the Green Spaces, contacts, and he was one of the first to offer me a job in 2014 when I completed school.. I shall touch on the Conversations on Sustainable Singapore later.

After that meeting, I went over to NTUC Centre for the Young NTUC Committee Meeting and 9th Birthday Celebrations. I’m not in any of their unions or in the committee, but in 350 Singapore which is one of their Youth Activist group. I came an hour later and missed probably 75% of the more serious stuff. I only heard a bit about the part on Youth Unemployment. We ended with the cutting of the chocolate cake.. And then I had a chat with Shaz whom I met in 2011 while I was at another organisation. We came to the conclusion they had a high turnover rate. I suddenly felt Singapore is such a small place. Just last year, I met Alan who was my secondary school senior, who is now working in Young NTUC as well. Anyway, most of them left at 9+. In the end, JD, Maddy and myself stayed back to finish the food. I had a good time eating up the Sambal Prawns. For some reason, I always end up eating more than I talk when I’m at their events.


Photo from Maddy’s phone

Thursday 17th April

In the afternoon, I met up with Bingyu of GUI/ WOW Kampung at a shop along Townshend Road for lunch catch up. The community in GUI is very nice and there are lots of good people in there. But, I’ve always found it most easiest to talk to Bingyu. I can connect with him in the sense I can feel that he is humble, we are practical in the same wavelength, and I find that when he chats he listens to me and respond.. Without making it sound too nice or too firm. He was probably the first person I talked to when I wanted to share about my feelings working with WOW Kampung, and probably one of the first to know about my other job opportunities, including the one which came just three days ago. It’s not fixed yet where I am heading, but it always feels good having Bingyu to talk to. He’s like an older brother looking out for me. And I guess that’s important whatever we do, we need people we can talk to.

Like later that night. My intention was just to ask M about his thoughts on adoption, and I was thinking of the World Vision programme when I talked about this. But then it turned into a conversation on our stand on priorities in life, abortion, surrogate parents, economic liabilities and emotional investment. We just have very different views on this and we understand it’s coming from our different upbringing and background. Just that, having able to talk it out for that five hours, inserted with other side chats, makes me really thankful to have him around too.


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