Water to Make Your “Muka Berseri”

Background: Dad has been on leave since Monday (except Thursday). On Monday morning, he saw me on the laptop and got me breakfast. On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, he called me out for lunch to eat with him and Mum but I declined curtly. Keep in mind the past week that I was at home I was mostly in my room with a sullen face.

Yesterday morning, while having breakfast with Mum, she mentioned she wanted to go walk at Henderson Bridge. Ever since she got ill and undergoing chemotherapy, she hasn’t been out to take long walks.

Today, while still on bed, I called Mum to ask her out. She declined saying Dad and her wants to go to Geylang market. Dad later came into the room and asked me out too.

While in the shower (and conversation was in Malay)-

Dad: Nor. Have you started showering?
Me: Not yet. What do you want?
Mum: Eh, open the door.
*Me opens door*
Mum: (Handing a bottle of water) Nah. Mix this with your shower water.
Me: What’s this?
Mum: Water to make your face cheerful. You’ve been having sour face.
*Me laughs*
*Mum takes a pail and poured the water in*
*Me showers with it*

Later when I was out-
Dad: Have you drank the water?
Me: What water?
Dad: The one in the kitchen.
*Me checks out the glass of water while Dad watches*

And now we’re on the way to Geylang market. Along with the paternal grandparents whom Dad asked out too.

Parents. They’re the first to detect your unhappiness. And do something about it.

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